City of St. Johns, Arizona
Fiscal Year   Tentative Budget                 Final Budget                   Financial Statement             Annual Expenditure Limitation Report


FY 2019 Budget

FY 2018 Budget

** See note below

** See note below

FY 2018 Financial Statements FY 2018 AELR
2017 FY 2017 Budget Same as Tentative FY 2017 Financial Statement FY 2017 AELR
2016 FY 2016 Budget Same as Tentative FY 2016 Financial Statements FY 2016 AELR
2015 FY 2015 Budget Same as Tentative FY 2015 Financial Statements FY 2015 AELR

**State law does not require cities without a property tax to pass a final budget.  Therefore, the City of St Johns generally does not pass a final budget but instead uses its tentative budget for operations during the entire fiscal year.


Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)

The City of St. Johns does not currently have any GPLET leases.

City of St. Johns, Arizona
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